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Datapath | Ultimate Video Wall and Control Room Solutions

Datapath puts the Operator at the heart of the control room with its latest fully integrated platform. Design, management, and control of even the most complex system configurations has never been simpler. Meeting a wide set of diverse requirements, our solutions offer both IP and KVM solutions meaning sources can be routed to any screen in any location and controlled from anywhere.

Video Walls for Security Suites ​

Our flexible security solutions allow hundreds of sources to be monitored in real-time. Integration with popular third-party VMS systems provides a seamless, transparent experience for security personnel in SOC environments, allowing them to focus on decision making and fast response.

Commercial Video Walls

From corporate meeting spaces to digital signage and wayfinding in business, hospitality and retail settings, Datapath’s video wall controllers offer great flexibility and reliability. Whether you need integration with facial recognition technology, use with LED, requirements for small spaces or low noise controllers, or simply to manage large volumes of data in real-time, we have products to meet your video wall needs.

Industrial Video Walls

Designed from the ground up for 24/7 reliability and ease of use, our video wall controllers have been used in NOC, EOC, utility and crisis response units across the globe.

Retail, Events & Experiences

In an increasingly virtual world, video content is used to differentiate and enhance retail, events and experience settings. Our proven range of multi-display solutions produces high-quality content mapping across multiple outputs in any creative configuration imaginable.

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