Datapath is excited to launch the Aetria® Roadshow, bringing the power of this integrated control room solution to YOU.

Aetria is Datapath’s integrated platform for the design, configuration, and deployment of complex control room solutions.

The event is designed for System Integrators and consultants involved in control room installations, as well as our closest distribution partners.

After the day’s event, you will gain a good level of understanding and experience to confidently deliver Aetria as the connectivity and control solution for your next control room project.

If you have specific projects involving end-users, please contact your Distributor or Datapath Account Manager where a bespoke session can be arranged.

As a participant you will be able to:


Use Aetria components including the Aetria Workstation and Aetria Command Center applications.


See how designs can be imported from the Aetria Designer tool for implementation.


Learn how Aetria is setup and how everything is connected (with workstations, walls, transmitters, and receivers.)


Identify the available options for connecting sources, video walls and workstations.


Understand the value of centralization in Aetria with shared templates, layouts, and sources.


Learn the USPs of Aetria and how it compares to competitor offerings.


Be able to make informed decisions when Aetria is the correct solution.


Discuss specific projects and requirements.

To register for your place click here