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Aetria Use-Case:
Oil and Gas Control Room

Operators within oil and gas need access to a wide variety of sources and data. From monitoring drilling operations and pipeline networks, to processing units and valves on an offshore petroleum production vessel, as well as deal with any critical incidences that may occur. Sis and End-Users can utilize Aetria, to design and operate highly efficient control centers for oil and gas processes.

Project Brief

Project Brief

A large oil and gas provider requires a control room refit to take advantage of new technologies and increase productivity for their operators.

There are two areas that need refitting. The first is the main monitoring area with a 10x3 video wall and two 2x2 video walls.

There are four operator workstations. Two workstations have 5 HD screens, and two have six HD screens, all are arranged horizontally. Each workstation has an allocated PC stored in the secure server room. The second area is a dedicated crisis room. It has a single 80’’ screen driven by an Aligo receiver.

Across the control room, each operator workstation output should be available as a source for view and control. The CCTV camera feeds are decoded on ActiveSQX cards and arranged onto outputs from the VSN which are then captured by an Aligo transmitter.

There are also several web pages displaying local news feeds that need to be available, and two SCADA servers that need to be available as sources.

A new dedicated network will be installed to provide high-speed connectivity for both areas.


Control Room Requirements

Video Walls

Main Control Room
Main Wall 10x3-48” 1080p
Info Wall (x2) 2x2 - 32” 1080p

Crisis Room
80" 2160p screen


4 x Operator Workstations
Two 5x1 – 27” 1080p
Two 6x1 – 27” 1080p


Workstations - Each workstation output provided as a shared source (4 outputs each).

SCADA - Two dual output SCADA servers for viewing and control.

CCTV - 20 IP camera streams on an existing external network.

Web - 20 regional news pages (auto-refresh).


New network to be installed (as part of the project scope)

How it works

How It Works

Main Control Room
1. The Main Room has 10x3 video wall and two 2x2 video walls, all powered by a single VSN1172, preconfigured with Datapath’s capture and graphics cards. The capture cards are connected to Aligo Receivers, to allow any source to be captured and displayed.
2. ActiveSQX cards are used to decode 20 IP camera sources.
3. Four operator workstations powered directly by Aligo.

Crisis Room
4. A Crisis Room has a single 80” 4K screen and is powered by Aligo.
5. A dedicated keyboard and mouse are used on the Aligo Receiver to control the crisis PC in the secure server room.

Server Room
6. The Aetria Network Manager, a preconfigured appliance, is connected to dedicated 10Gb network. It manages all sources, video wall controllers, and workstations.
7. Each operator has a dedicated User PC controlled by Aligo.
8. Two scada sources are accessed by Aligo.

Oil and Gas Diagram

Project Downloads

View the Aetria Designer project file, where control room designs can be created without being connected to a network, making it easy to create, review and approve designs anytime, anywhere. Download a connectivity diagram showing the components that make up this control room solution (PDF or Visio) .

Kit List

The list of Datapath and third-party products required for the project.
(Click the item for further details).

Description QTY

Aetria WallControl runs on Datapath VSN video wall controllers and provides seamless integration of video walls in Aetria. VSN systems are engineered for mission critical and crisis room applications.

Using Datapath’s latest generation of video capture cards and graphics cards, they capture many types of video and data sources for viewing on any display configuration. They enable hundreds of sources to be captured, processed, and displayed on large video walls of up to 96 screens.

Large scale video wall projects often require more resources than are available from a single motherboard or backplane, as more video capture channels are added or video wall sizes increase VSN 9 and 11 Series systems can be expanded using this chassis.

Designed for professional, multi-screen and video wall installations, the Image4K is a very powerful graphics card, enabling scalable solutions, that delivers full 4K60 4:4:4 content over four HDMI 2.0 outputs.

The VisionSC-HD4+ is a 4-channel capture card with HDMI adapters.

The audio video capture card provides an outstanding powerful solution for multiple HDMI or DVI video captures with support for HDCP.

The ActiveSQX includes a dedicated processor capable of decoding several IP streams simultaneously via the on-board ethernet ports. Fully PCIe compatible, multiple ActiveSQX cards can be used in a single system to provide project scalability giving users more processing and more simultaneous decodes

The Aetria WallControl License connects VSN powered video walls to the Aetria system and enables complete seamless control. Placement and organization of content on connected video walls is easy with support for layouts, templates, On-Screen Display (OSD) and carousels. A Standard License allows up to 8 SQX IP decodes, and a Professional License allows unlimited SQX IP decodes.

The Aetria Network Manager simplifies the setup and management of Aetria solutions. It is an appliance that is provided pre-configured with Aetria Command Center software, requiring only power and a connection to the network to get started.

An Aetria Network License is installed within the Aetria Network Appliance. Both the appliance and license must be purchased.

Aetria Workstation gives Control Room Operators the flexibility to view multiple sources on their local workstation screens. Using single or multiple monitors, operators can segment their desktop into dedicated zones to display any combination of sources available in Aetria alongside their main desktop and local applications.

The Aligo QTX100 is a quad AVoIP transmitter with four HDMI inputs.

The device connects up to four HDMI 2.0 inputs (4K60) to your 10G AV network. Use in conjunction with a VSN controller to distribute up to 16 independent HD outputs per unit.

The Aligo RX100 is a single AVoIP receiver with four HDMI outputs. Receiving either a single 4K or four independent HD feeds.

The device drives a 4K native or four HD displays from each unit. Keyboard and mouse connectivity is supported for KVM control of sources via the onboard YSB 2.0 interfaces.

Rack mount kits are available for a number of Datapath products, including Aligo, designed to make it convenient to install multiple products in standard 19-inch racks. The 2U RMK can hold up to 10 Aligo Receivers (RX100).

Datapath’s Premium Service Package is available for all Aetria projects and includes 24-hour support (Mon-Fri), 5-Year manufacturing hardware warranty, and advanced swap-out service.

Datapath’s commissioning service assists integrators and suppliers with the installation and configuration of all Aetria project components.

During the commissioning period, our experienced team will work with you to ensure that we get you up and running with your new Aetria control room as soon as possible.

Third party network switch.

To be sourced from third party, not provided by Datapath.

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