Industrial Video Walls

Video Wall Controllers for 24/7 NOC and EOC Environments

Datapath’s VSN video wall controllers have been designed for use in demanding Network and Emergency Operation Centers (NOC and EOC), utility and crisis response control rooms. Each component has been rigorously tested to ensure high levels of performance and reliability.

Systems are fully customized with a range of high-performance Intel processors and pre-configured with any Datapath graphics, capture, or IP decode PCIe plug in cards.


Datapath VSN systems are engineered from the ground up with flexibility and reliability in mind.

All systems contain powerful, high quality, industrial components to ensure they can meet the demand of 24/7 operation.

Coupled with our award winning WallControl 10 software, operators can quickly and effectively manage video walls of any size in real-time.

Unique Points

WallControl 10 allows users to quickly and easily place video sources anywhere on a video wall. Common arrangements can be recalled at any time and multiple sources can be carouselled anywhere on the wall.

Administrators of WallControl 10 can configure a single system to drive multiple walls, each with multiple user roles with access to different sources - local videos, layouts and templates.

Case Study 1
Case Studies

Crisis Room:
Columbian Police Headquarters

The police serve a fundamental role in society, keeping citizens safe and communities secure. The National Police of Colombia relies on the latest tools to help its teams collaborate and make quick, informed decisions. Because data and visual information are critical to decision-making, the control room technology must operate flawlessly and be easy to use.

Case Study 2

Video Wall:
Electric Cooperative, Alabama

Pea River needed a new video wall and control system installed for their headquarters in Ozark, Alabma. The value-driven cooperative turned to Encore Technologies, a subsidiary of Harris Security Systems, also based in Ozark.

Case Study 3

Control Room:
Industrial Gas Suppliers, France

Air Liquide is a French multinational company which supplies industrial gases and services to various industries. The company fitted out a control room at its facility in Malaysia to monitor the production of industrial gasses across many different countries.

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