The Datapath VisionSC-S2 provides dual channel SDVoE capture at full 4K60 with sub-millisecond latency along with all the existing VisionSC features such as hardware scaling and time stamping, direct DMA (to Datapath graphics), Multistream, LiveStream, EDID management and automatic signal detection.

SCN Winner 2021

Aetria Wins – Most Innovative Video Processing – SCN Awards

  We are thrilled to announce that Aetria has won the SCN Installation Product Award for Most Innovative Video Processing. Aetria from Datapath allows integrators and end users to design and configure complex control room systems, including multiple video walls. Aetria’s power makes content sharing easy to control and is an ambitious solution that integrates …

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DisplayPort Accessories

Exploit the power of the Datpath’s graphics card’s DisplayPort outputs to provide long cable runs and support for legacy DVI monitors.

By combining a DPextend and a DPadapt module, it is possible to reach cable runs of up to 45m, with no additional power supplies required.

Cables & Adapters

Selection of cables recommended by Datapath for use with their product portfolio of video capture cards, graphics cards and video switch cards.

AM2 Audio Module

The AM2 audio module provide a quick and low cost addition to high-quality analog stereo input to a system. It is supplied mounted on a full-height bracket with a long ribbon cable and an audio breakout cable, for connection to any Datapath capture card supporting analog audio.


The Datapath Express11-G3 backplane provides 11 eight lane PCI Express slots, all implemented as x16 physical connectors.