Airport and Aviation control

Control rooms play an integral role in any airport, from monitoring security of the terminal building to managing flight paths from the control tower. A typical airport will have several control rooms, all monitoring different areas of the operation to ensure business continuity and maintain efficiency. Incidences can occur at any moment, immediately disrupting the day-to-day operations and requiring immediate action and resolution from control room operators.

In these times, access to the right information, in real-time, with the ability to collaborate or escalate to quickly resolve a situation is paramount.

Aetria Control Room Solution for Airport Operations:

Datapath’s Aetria is an integrated control room solution that equips airport control room teams with the tools they need to handle the broad range of tasks, risks and issues across the whole operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Aetria enables teams to optimize their crisis management processes and increase business continuity, while maximizing safety and security.

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control (ATC) teams need to organize and expedite the flow of air traffic and monitor airspace and flight routes, ensure safety of landings and take-offs, and monitor runway activity. All the while being prepared and ready to respond to any unexpected incidences, which could be anything from extreme weather to security threats. 

An integrated control room solution such as Aetria can help operators quickly deal with the broad range of information, helping them monitor, collaborate, and react quickly. 

  • Operator Access – Aetria’s KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) functionality enables operators to instantly access and control any source in real-time, potentially connected with multiple different technologies, across both LAN and WAN, whilst maintaining security at all times. 
  • Simple Control – Operators require access to several applications such as traffic management systems (ATM) and flight tracking maps. With Aetria’s ‘OneControl’ feature, operators can switch keyboard and mouse control between different systems across multiple screens, providing operators with simple and intuitive access and control that requires minimal training. 
  • Video Walls – Many air traffic control centers are located away from the main flight control towers where video walls are used to provide 360 views of the runways. Aetria is the perfect tool for video wall operation, working seamlessly with workstations. It allows operators to instantly send sources to video walls for wider team viewing and collaboration, enabling better crisis management and more informed decision-making. 


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