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Network Operations Center

A network operations center (NOC) is a centralized location which serves as an organizations first line of response against any network disruptions or failures. A NOC constantly monitors and maintains an organizations IT network. The primary objective of NOCs is to deliver a high-level of service availability and optimal network performance, while minimizing downtime.

Aetria The Control Room Solution for Network Operation Centers:

Datapath’s integrated control room solution, Aetria helps network engineers monitor the hundreds of data points required to identify anomalies and network issues. Centralized connectivity of all engineer workstations and shared video walls makes it easy to collaborate and respond quickly to any disruptions. 

Monitor and control sources

NOC engineers need to view a variety of sources simultaneously, with typical examples involving a prominent view of the network monitoring and updates dashboard, smaller video walls display views such as general network, firewall management and troubleshooting analytics.

For day-to-day monitoring, a network management system will survey all services across the network, IT and cloud infrastructure. Aetria provides a centralized interface to manage and control the complete network, this can often be hundreds of sources, including popular network management software (NMS) like SolarWinds, LogicMonitor and OpenNMS.

Features for distraction-free operation

NOC Engineers require clear visibility and simple control of the various sources and applications they use in their day-to-day work.

Aetria’s KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) functionality enables network engineers to instantly access and control any source in real-time, potentially connected with multiple different technologies, whilst maintaining network security.

The ‘OneControl’ feature enables engineers to easily switch keyboard and mouse control between different sources, and provides a seamless and intuitive way to access and control all of the sources they require at any given time.

Collaborate and escalate

Effective collaboration and coordination between NOC engineers is crucial for successful escalation and prioritization of issues.  To improve decision making, Aetria provides engineers with a control room solution to enable 24/7 collaboration for colleagues within both their LAN and WAN networks.

Aetria’s video wall integration allows NOC engineers to share sources to any connected video wall for team review or management escalation. At the click of a button, sources can be instantly displayed on large, shared video wall surface in the control room, or sent to external crisis rooms to enable swift issue investigation and resolution.

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