Oil & Gas Processes

Control rooms provide centralized facilities to monitor and manage the multiple, complex processes involved in oil and gas production and distribution. 

Several control rooms may exist within a large-scale oil and gas operation, with an onshore control center acting as the central hub, which is integrated with other control rooms to bring the expansive operation together. 

The challenges of modern oil and gas operations involves equipping control room operators with the means to monitor and manage the ever-growing number of sources, while enabling collaborative working across multiple teams, and across multiple locations. 

Datapath has developed Aetria, a scalable and centralized control room solution to manage all sources, video walls, and workstations, across the whole operation, enabling teams to connect and collaborate like never before. 

Monitor, manage and collaborate - your way

 Control room operators have a challenge of monitoring, operating, and maintaining the vast quantity of sources. An upstream operation for example may involve information about reservoir efficiency, flowlines of pipes and wells, depth measurements of drilled wells, and daily oil and gas production rates, all of which need to be monitored by operators in a control room. 

Aetria can ingest hundreds of sources and accommodate third party applications, such as engineering or exploration software, and bring them all into its centralized platform for visualization and control. Operators can use Aetria to create specific templates and layouts on their workstations and on video walls to easily organize information.

If an incident occurs, they can share directly to a video wall for wider team viewing, ensuring all parties have relevant, timely information, resulting in quicker response times, better informed decisions, and enhanced collaborative working. 

High quality visuals when the detail matters

Video surveillance is utilized by organizations for the security and monitoring of remote locations and areas where humans are unable to access, including underground pipelines, water levels at an offshore oil rig, and site operations within a refining plant. When things go wrong, it is imperative to have the best quality visuals available, in real time, to enable better informed decision making. 

With Aetria, control room operators can access any supported source in 4K when pristine detail and image quality is needed. 

Operator control when needed

Control room operators sometimes need more than the ability to view and share sources. From AI-powered rig drilling programs to managing daily oil field service operations, operators and wider team members need access to software programs in order to make changes. 

With Aetria, users can control any supported source using their own keyboard and mouse (even when the source application is on another computer located remotely). This enables operators to view and act when needed and reduces bottom line costs on additional propriety software expenditure. 


Oil and gas operations may need expanding to meet future needs. A new offshore oil and gas rig or extended network of pipes may need constructing, with hundreds of additional sensors, CCTV, and smaller control rooms to be fitted. 

Aetria provides a scalable platform that is easy to expand as more capacity is required. Video walls, workstations, sources, and screens can all be added and integrated as needed over time. 

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