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Process Control Rooms

Process control rooms are responsible for the consolidation and monitoring of sources from industrial processes to ensure smooth operation and business continuity. With data coming from multiple sources and applications such as programmable logical controllers, cameras and sensors, these complex environments need to be ready to identify issues and take corrective action when needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Operators need high quality content in real-time for monitoring and have the visualization tools to enable swift collaboration and decision making when issues occur. Aetria, Datapath’s centralized control room solution, is developed specifically for industrial applications, making it perfect for monitoring production and manufacturing processes of any size and complexity.

Quality, quantity and a variety of data sources

Often, process control rooms are located away from production due to being hazardous environments, so a real-time shared situational overview is needed between workstations and video walls.

With Aetria, operators are in the best possible position to visualize their complete operation, which includes the monitoring of SCADA data, including machinery and equipment temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors on shared video walls or operator workstations. 

Making it easier for the operator

It’s essential for any operator to have full visibility of all activity across the production process. Aetria Workstation provides operators with an intuitive interface for monitoring and controlling sources. Templates and layouts allow operators to easily organize multiple sources on their desktop, alongside any third-party applications.

With Aetria, operators have secure access to all sources available, and can organize and monitor them easily, treating their workstation desktop as their own personal video wall where they can view and control sources, or send them to any connected video wall when collaboration or escalation is required.

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