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Security Operation Center

A security operations center (SOC) primary focus is to analyze an organization’s security on an ongoing basis, detecting potential security issues on an organizational and technical level, and proactively mitigate risk to maximize operational continuity.

When security incidents are detected, the SOC acts as the first responder and provides a centralized view of all information and communication until the issue is resolved. It’s crucial that the response is in proportion to the potential impact on day-to-day functions, to minimize resolution time and any operational downtime.

Aetria the Control Room Solution for Security Operation Centers:

Datapath’s integrated control room solution, Aetria helps security analysts monitor the hundreds of data points required to identify anomalies and issues. Centralized connectivity of all analyst workstations and shared video walls makes it easy to collaborate and respond quickly to threats. 

Real-time monitoring enables fast response

Aetria can seamlessly manage hundreds of sources which enable distribution of content to individual workstations and video walls, which allow security analysts to quickly identify and resolve issues. All these sources require real-time monitoring and control for smooth operation and swift decision making in times of crisis. Aetria ensures that the information presented to security analysts offers the best possible means for effective decision making.

Video wall and workstation connectivity

Aetria is the ideal solution for a video wall operation. Integrating video walls seamlessly with workstations means security analysts can easily distribute content to any connected video wall for wider team viewing or escalation.

With Aetria, multiple video walls to be configured, managed and controlled from a single system, allowing a single source to be shared from a workstation to an in-room video wall, as well as to a separate crisis room for example.

Engineered for critical operations

All hardware and software components of the Aetria solution are engineered from the ground up for 24/7 operation. This makes Aetria perfectly suited for use in security operations center (SOC) environments, and ensures security you are equipped with tools that are not only easy-to-use, but can be relied on to perform for the long-term.

Aetria provides a scalable platform that is easy to expand as more capacity is required. Video walls, workstations, and screens can all be added and integrated into the wider system over time.

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