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Aetria, Datapath's Complete Control Room Solution

Aetria is Datapath’s integrated solution for the design, management, and operation of control rooms of any size.
Developed for the most challenging and complex applications, Aetria makes life easier for system integrators whilst enabling control room operators to focus on their core objectives.


With Aetria, System Integrators have the freedom to design and deploy the right solution by following a structured, integrated process.

Configuration of all connectivity to workstations, video walls, sources, layouts, and templates are managed and operated from a single interface.

The intuitive user interface ensures Operators focus on their core objectives, rather than how to make the technology work.

How does Aetria work?

How does Aetria work?

Datapath provide complete Aetria solutions, including the following software and hardware components:

Aetria Designer

The dedicated design software makes it easy to create, review and approve Aetria system designs anytime, anywhere.

Aetria Command Center

Provides a centralized interface for system integrators to design, manage and operate control rooms solutions.

Aetria Workstation

With Aetria Workstation, control room operators have the flexibility to organize, view and control multiple sources on their local workstation screens alongside their local applications in real-time.

Aetria Network Manager

The Aetria Network Manager appliance is provided pre-configured with Aetria Command Center software to simplify the setup and management of Aetria solutions.

Aetria Wall Control

Aetria Wall Control software runs on Datapath VSN controllers to connect large multi-screen video walls into the Aetria.

Unique Points





Energy - Oil & Gas, Renewable energy

Emergency services

Network operation centers

Transport & traffic control


Explore existing control room environments:

Due to its flexible nature, complete scalability and intuitive interfaces, an Aetria control room solution is fit for a wide variety of applications. Trusted in mission-critical control rooms across the globe, Aetria can be seen in:

Oil and Gas

Aetria is used to deliver a highly efficient process monitoring center.

Airport Security

Share sources across control rooms, monitoring vast amounts of HD sources and hundreds of IP streams.

Utilities Provider

Connect its control center and crisis room with hundreds of sources.

University Campus

Effective campus-wide security CCTV capabilities

Utilities Provider

Connect its control center and crisis room with hundreds of sources.

University Campus

Effective campus-wide security CCTV monitoring capabilities.

Ready to Change

Ready to change the way you implement control room solutions?

Whether you are an established control room solutions provider or completing your first project, our team is ready to help you from design to implementation and ongoing support.

Aetria Command Center

Aetria Command Center

Sitting at the heart of the Aetria solution, Aetria Command Center provides a comprehensive, unified interface for systems integrators to design, manage and operate control rooms solutions. Control room operators use Aetria Command Center to quickly and easily view the sources they need in real-time on any connected display surface.

Integrators benefit from:

  1. A single integrated platformFull end-to-end design, management and control of your project from a single, intuitive interface.
  2. Freedom to designDesign solutions based on user requirements, not technical capabilities and limitations of specific products.
  3. Management of all componentsEasily configure and manage all workstations, video walls, sources, and connectivity between them.
  4. The ability to simplify control for operatorsPre-configure templates, layouts and sources for quick recall by operators.
  5. Built-in monitoring & diagnosticsAetria monitors all solution components to ensure smooth operation and swift response if issues occur.

Operators benefit from:

  1. Access to any source, on any screenFlexibility to route multiple copies of sources to any workstation or video wall in the control room.
  2. A single integrated platformOperation and control of the entire control room from a single, intuitive interface.
  3. Distraction-free operationAetria works behind the scenes, ensuring operators are free to focus on their primary objectives.
Aetria Designer

Aetria Designer

Aetria Designer is the dedicated design software for Aetria solutions. Users are not limited by hardware and software capabilities but are able to design based on user requirements. Use the graphical design tool to specify the required locations, rooms, devices, workstations and video walls and let Aetria propose the right solution.

Multiple design options can be easily reviewed, updated and signed off with the end user.

It is provided free of charge and can be installed on any Windows 10 system. Designs can be created without being connected to a network, making it easy to create, review and approve designs anytime, anywhere.

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