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Datapath drives meditation center visual experience in India

Datapath used its 40+ years of video processing expertise to help provide stunning visuals to one of the biggest meditation centers in the India subcontinent.

As the world headquarters for the Heartfulness Institute, the Kanha Shanti Vanam is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Telangana. The ashram is an ecological paradise, a place for spiritual retreat, where attendees can experience simple living in-tune with inner and outer nature.

Visitors can benefit from meditation areas, spiritual connection and therapeutic healing facilities. Adding to the atmosphere of peace and serenity at the center, the interior is enhanced by huge visual displays covering the Vanam’s large walls and interior spaces. With such large areas to cover, the imagery would need to blend from one source into another, providing seamless, jaw dropping displays of harmony in pixel-perfect 4K resolution.

Integrator for the project – Pixelart Colours – used a combination of 15 Epson projectors, plus various active LED displays to deliver the content. Providing the edge blending and seamless visual experience, Pixelart chose Datapath’s tried and trusted Fx4-SDI processors to manage the content.

“Datapath Fx4-SDI is one of those unique products available which gives the flexibility to control the resolution with the frame rate”, explained Moses Madhi, MD at Pixelart Colours.

Four FX4-SDI were installed across the Center, capturing 4K sources and converting each source them to 1080p@30Hz before being blended into one large image and/or separate moving content.

The result is something which is a feast for the senses as the slow, calming imagery adds an additional air of natural calm. “Datapath Fx4-SDI and Epson Projection mapping are the perfect blend to achieve the required solution and visual treat to the Vanam’s audience,” added Moses.

Andy Lee, Senior International Sales Manager for Datapath spoke of the impression that the project has left on him: “During my years at Datapath, I have been involved in countless projects and have witnessed some stunning projects across the world. But I had not seen just how powerful video can be in an environment such as the Kanha Shanti Vanam.”

“Moses and the PIxelart team have done a simply stunning job in amplifying an atmosphere with video content and the end result is something that Pixelart Colours, Epson and Datapath can all be immensely proud of.”

Kit list:

  • 4 x Datapath Fx4 SDI
  • 15 x Epson EB-PU2216B projectors
  • Blackmagic Fiber SDI Extender Kit
  • Resolume Server Video Engine

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