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Aetria WallControl
VSN4 Series

Aetria WallControl

Powered by Datapath’s proven video wall technology, Aetria WallControl enables seamless integration of video walls into the Aetria system.

Video Walls, Connected

The hardware behind Aetria WallControl is Datapath’s range of VSN systems, video wall controllers that have been powering video walls in critical control rooms for over a decade. Aetria WallControl software connects VSN powered video walls to the Aetria system and enables complete, seamless control.

Placement and organization of content on connected video walls is easy with support for layouts, templates, on screen display (OSD) and carousels.


Aetria allows multiple walls to be delivered by a single VSN system. Walls in separate areas of a building can be independently driven from a single location.

Multiple walls can be easily set up and, if required, each wall can be assigned a unique set of sources or video resources.

Display Control

Use the Display Control within Aetria Command Center to control monitors, including the ability to switch on/ off, and manage brightness and contrast settings.

Vision Encode

Vision Encode allows sources such as HDMI feeds to be captured within the VSN video wall controller. The sources can be displayed on a video wall, or encoded into h.264 and streamed out so that the content can be displayed in other locations.

User Rights Management

User rights management can be deployed on each VSN system. Users can be assigned roles on a per wall basis with each role allowing access to a subset of sources or layout files. A user may have unrestricted access on Wall 1 but be confined to pre-determined layouts on Wall 2.