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Aetria Workstation

Empowering the control room operator

Empowering the control room operator

Aetria Workstation gives control room operators the flexibility to view multiple sources on their local workstation screens.

Using single or multiple monitors, operators can segment their desktop into dedicated zones to display any combination of sources available in Aetria alongside their main desktop and local applications.

With Aetria Workstation, sources can be easily viewed, controlled, or instantly shared with other operator workstations or any connected video wall for wider viewing.

User-defined zones

Using Aetria Workstation, users segment their desktop surface into multiple areas or zones for viewing available content alongside local applications.

Source preview

Users can preview any configured source in the Aetria network on their local workstation.

Collaboration is made easy

Aetria supports multicast for each source, allowing users to share multiple copies of sources to any connected screen(s) or video wall.

Templates and layouts

Using the built-in template and layout functionality, Aetria Workstation allows users to save their current view for quick recall when needed.

With layout 'auto-fit', users can show layouts saved on their local workstation on any connected display surface of any size, from a large video wall to a single operator screen.

Models Available

Aetria Workstation Standard:

Support for up to 4 screens (either HD or 4K)
Workspace templating
Access to network sources (SoftSQX, Datapath agent, VNC, RDP only)


Aetria Workstation Professional:

All Aetria Workstation Standard features
Support for more than 4 monitors
Support for mixing HD and 4K monitors
Access to Aligo and Arqa sources (capture card support)


Available Languages

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.



Windows 10.


Minimum Requirements

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