Arqa - AVoIP with KVM

Arqa Video Distribution and Control

Datapath’s Arqa video distribution system with KVM has been developed specifically for demanding command and control environments and other critical AV applications. These include utility operations, process control, national defence and emergency services, corporate boardrooms, and broadcast media centres.

Arqa gives operators access to multiple remote sources from a single workspace, without sacrificing video quality or round-trip latency.

Push and Pull Support


Arqa’s Push and Pull functionality is ideal for users who require the ability to monitor, control and share multiple sources. With minimal effort, each user can select from a pool of remote sources and pull them onto their dedicated local workstation. USB control can be passed back to the source to provide full control. Users can also monitor any source of interest that might be under the control of another user without distracting their workflow.

Users granted with sufficient permissions can choose to seamlessly ‘push’ their workspace onto other workstations or onto a central video wall via a Datapath video wall controller.

OneControl Technology


With built-in OneControl technology, switching between multiple sources can be done with ease. Users can simply drag their cursor to the edge of their monitor and seamlessly glide through multiple sources of interest with zero latency, just as if all sources were connected locally.

Zero Latency


Arqa uses an intra-frame compression algorithm that results in a significant latency advantage over other methods, such as h264, RDP, VNC. This aids in visually lossless image quality, irrespective of content.

Arqa Network Manager

Arqa Network Manager is a Windows-based application required for managing Arqa network distributed systems. The user-friendly interface provides fast and convenient control of all Arqa devices. It handles network device discovery, configuration, video routing and connectivity as well as administrator settings.

Arqa Network Manager also includes flexible User Rights Management. Only authorised users can log onto a workstation before gaining access to their sources or to any screens.

Rack Mount Kit

The Arqa RMK (Rack Mount Kit) is a convenient way to house and power up to four transmitters or receivers into a single 1U rack space. Multiple kits can be hosted alongside other servers, systems or video wall controllers in the Arqa network to ease the maintenance and setup of large configurations.

Available to suit a range of international power plugs, the rackmount kit includes a dual redundant mains power supply with internal power connectors and allows integrators to build multiple endpoints into their rack with ease (subject to availability).

Arqa Products
Arqa TX1/C
VSN 11 Series

Arqa KVM transmitter for copper cable 

Arqa TX1/F
VSn 4 Series

Arqa KVM transmitter for fiber optic cable

Arqa RX1/C
VSN 9 Series

Arqa KVM receiver for copper cable

Arqa RX1/F
VSN 11 Series

Arqa KVM receiver for fiber optic cable

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