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Arqa TX1/f
VSN4 Series

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Arqa TX1/F

The Arqa TX1/F is a KVM over IP transmitter with a 1Gb network fiber-optic connection.

  1. Extend a source up to 500m with KVM control
  2. Includes HD Video, USB 2.0, RS232 and Audio In / Out extension
  3. Visually Lossless over a 1Gb video distribution network
  4. Push and Pull source sharing

KVM over IP Systems

Datapath’s Arqa KVM over IP systems are suitable for those who need to monitor, control and share multiple sources. Arqa is capable of supporting up to 2000 endpoints contained within a single 1Gb switched video distribution network. Arqa’s intra-frame compression algorithm results in visually lossless image quality and zero latency.

The Arqa range comes in either copper and optical transmitter and receiver variances.

Push and Pull Support

Create the ideal control room solution by combining Arqa KVM systems with Datapath’s video wall controllers. Seamlessly push and pull sources to workstations and onto video walls.

Key Features

Arqa has an array of features to support KVM in the command and control and other AV applications:

  • Endpoints – KVM matrixing with up to 2,000 endpoints
  • One Control technology – Allows control of multiple PC’s across a single workstation with one keyboard and mouse
  • Multi-head support – Sources with multiple screens can be treated ‘as one’
  • Push Support – Push current connection onto other displays as a video share
  • Pull Support – Pull (Get) any source as a video share onto this receiver
  • Flexible sharing – Remote source viewing or take control
  • Image Quality – Visually Lossless image quality, irrespective of content
  • Zero Latency – Significant latency advantage over other methods including h264, RDP, VNC
  • Works over 1Gb network with simple switch requirements (needs only IGMP support)
  • Network switched or P2P (point-to-point) extension modes supported
  • Local extension support – Video loop through port for local extension into IP network
  • Security – Mass storage mode disable for securing against endpoint intrusion
  • Connectors – Copper and fiber versions (can be mixed)
  • Rack Mount Kit – The RMK is a convenient way to house and power up to four transmitters or receivers into a single 1U rack space (subject to availability).

Arqa Product Range

Arqa Products

Arqa TX1/C

Arqa TX1/C

Arqa KVM transmitter for copper cable

Arqa RX1/C

Arqa RX1/C

Arqa KVM receiver for copper cable

Arqa RX1/F

Arqa RX1/F

Arqa KVM receiver for fiber-optic cable

Arqa Network Manager

Arqa Network Manager

User-friendly interface provides fast and convenient control