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Complementary Products

From time to time you may require extra components to help you with your system needs.

Datapath supplies connectors and expansion kits; also recommends a range of third-party motherboards.

PCIe Backplanes

Rack Mount Kits

Rack mount kits are available for a number of Datapath products, designed to make it convenient to install multiple products in standard 19-inch racks.

AM2 Audio Module

The AM2 audio module provide a quick and low-cost addition to high-quality analog stereo input to a system.

Cables & Adapters

A selection of cables recommended by Datapath for use with their product portfolio of video capture cards, graphics cards.

DisplayPort Accessories

Exploit the power of the Datpath’s graphics card’s DisplayPort outputs to provide long cable runs and support for legacy DVI monitors.

Single Board Computers