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Audio Module
AM2 Audio Module

AM2 Audio Module

The AM2 audio module provide a quick and low cost addition to high-quality analog stereo input to a system. It is supplied mounted on a full-height bracket with a long ribbon cable and an audio breakout cable, for connection to any Datapath capture card supporting analog audio.

This audio module does not necessarily require an electrical slot on the motherboard provided a physical slot is available in the chassis.

AM2 Audio Module

  • Input/ Output connection via breakout cable attached to 15 pin high density D-Type connector on the bracket. The physical contacts comprise of:
    1. Left and right balanced audio input on female XLR jacks. Supports microphone and line level inputs.
    2. Left and right unbalanced line inputs on female RCA connectors.
    3. Left and right unbalanced line outputs on female RCA connectors for direct pass through of selected analog input.
  • Supports audio capture to the PCI Express bus at popular sample rates 44.1kHz/ 48kHz/ 96kHz. All are available in RGBEasy (Audio extensions) and DirectShow for development purposes.
  • The AM2 features a common attenuator and mute function for both channels.
  • Support for HDMI embedded audio from digital AV capture channel. *

* Denotes availability Q4 2012, contact sales for details.

Audio Breakout Cable
  1. Balanced (XLR) Input Left
  2. Balanced (XLR) Input Right
  3. Unbalanced Input Left
  4. Unbalanced Input Right
  5. Audio Out Left
  6. Audio Out Right