iolite 600
iolite 600
Iolite 600

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Iolite 600
Iolite 600

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iolite 600

The iolite is a discreet solution for small to medium scale video walls.

The self contained video wall controllers fit perfectly into retail, public and corporate environments and offer incredible flexibility.

Compact Video Technology

The ability to install multiple screens and drive them from a single, simple unit has become central to businesses wanting enhanced conferencing and presentation facilities. In turn reception areas require both space for video centric informational resources, news feeds and traditional signage delivering corporate messaging in a variety of ways.

Datapath's iolite 600 is a small, quiet video system for delivering all of those requirements and more. Designed to house a number of video capture cards alongside multi-output graphics cards and SQX IP cards the iolite 600 offers the ultimate in flexible multi-screen video deployments. The iolite is available in fixed configurations for immediate delivery or can be customised to exactly suit the project requirements.

Driving Video Wall Installations

The iolite 600 offers users the ability to include up to 6 of Datapath’s video capture, graphics or IP decoding cards. Combined with a high performance Windows system the iolite can drive multiple screens simultaneously, delivering video captured from a range of sources including media players, television set top boxes and online & local media.

The iolite is available as standard with an Intel Corei5 processor, 240GB SSD hard drive and 8GB of RAM. Upgrade options are available to allow the inclusion of additional, higher capacity SSD drives, more memory and an Intel Corei7 processor.

Use with Aetria for Integrated Control Rooms 

Aetria is Datapath’s integrated control room solution for the design, management and operation of control rooms of any size. 

With Aetria, System Integrators have the freedom to design and deploy the right solution by following a structured, integrated process. Configuration of all connectivity to workstations, video walls, sources, layouts, and templates are managed and operated from a single interface. Meaning users can focus on their core objectives, rather than how to make the technology work. 

Aetria has five distinct components:

  • Aetria Designer
  • Aetria Command Centre
  • Aetria Workstation
  • Aetria Wall Control
  • Aetria Network Manager

ompatible with WallControl 10 for Standalone Video Walls of any Scale 

WallControl 10 allows users to quickly and easily place and control output sources such as IP feeds, video captures and local applications anywhere on a video wall. These sources can be controlled simply when the most elaborate and complex wall scenarios are required.  

Common arrangements can be saved as layouts for recall at any time and any section of the wall can contain carousels of videos playing one after the other at definable intervals. Administrators of WallControl 10 can configure a single system to drive multiple walls. Each of these walls can be assigned a number of user roles, and each user role can allow different access to sources, local videos, layouts and templates. * 

Learn more

Use Quant for Application Streaming onto Video Walls 

Quant is a video wall compatible collaboration software, allowing users to share numerous application windows with other peers within a group. It provides a quick and simple way to share on-screen information with other users and onto video walls in real-time.

Learn more

* Multiwall and User Rights Management only available with WallControl 10 PRO.

Now With DDCT

All of Datapath’s award-winning video wall controllers are now supplied with the Display Driver Configuration Tool (DCCT) software pre-installed. The wizard allows users to easily configure video walls and get started in minutes. 

Extra Protection With Spares Kits

For additional security and peace of mind, our customers are invited to take advantage of Datapath’s spares kits. For a small premium, selected products can be protected by our spares kits. For more information please contact our sales team.

Model Options

Product Code Description
iolite 600 / 101 iolite 600 with WallControl 10 Standard
1 x ImageDP4+ (up to 4 screens)
1 x VisionSC-HD4+/ H (4 x HDMI captures)
iolite 600 / 102 iolite 600 with WallControl 10 Standard
2 x ImageDP4+ (up to 8 screens)
1 x VisionSC-HD4+/ H (4 x HDMI captures)
iolite 600 / 103 iolite 600 with WallControl 10 Standard
3 x ImageDP4+ (up to 12 screens)
1 x VisionSC-HD4+/ H (4 x HDMI captures)


The following cards are suitable for use with the iolite 600: ImageDP4+, VisionSC-DP2, VisionSC-HD4+, VisionSC-SDI4, VisionSD8, VisionAV-HD and ActiveSQX.

iolite 600 Specifications

Motherboard Industrial motherboard, 3 x DisplayPort control screen
Outputs 4 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports
Ethernet 2 x Intel Gigabit Ethernet port
Wi-Fi Optional (via USB adapter)
Standard Processor Intel Core i5, 6M cache, up to 3.6GHz
Optional Processor Upgrade Intel Core i7, 8M cache, up to 4GHz
Backplane Datapath Express6 with Six PCle slots: five PCle Gen2 slots x8, single PCle Gen3 slot x8
Standard HDD Single 240GB SSD
Optional HDD Upgrade 480GB SSD.
Operating System Windows 10 LTSC
Noise 48.6dB (A) up to 67.9dB (A); (Dependent on system config. & ambient temp)
Standard Memory 8GB DDR3
Optional Memory Upgrade 16GB DDR3
Power Supply ATX 250 Watts
Dimensions 320mm(l) x 175mm(h) x 250mm(w)
Weight 10 - 15kg (shipped 15-20kg)
Compliance  FCC / CE / RoHS / UL


We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.

Uruguay’s largest football stadiums rely on Datapath’s iolite 600

See how video surveillance and facial recognition technology is helping with crowd management.

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