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SQX Technology

SQX is Datapath’s collective name for video streaming & compression technologies. Datapath’s SQX products open up a world of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage whilst maintaining the ability to easily scale projects from the management of a single stream to full inclusive systems that accommodate a wide array of inputs and outputs streaming from a variety of sources to a number of destinations.


Datapath’s ActiveSQX is a powerful PCIe card designed
to decode multiple streaming videos using an on-board processor.


Datapath’s ActiveSQX2 is a PCI Express plug-in card that
delivers a scalable IP encoding and decoding solution.

Active SQX Downloads

This document describes the support-orientated functionality that has been implemented within the ActiveSQX card and the process that Datapath will follow, using these features, to swiftly investigate and remedy any problems that may be found when deploying the Active SQX.

This document lists sources known to successfully decode using ActiveSQX and SoftSQX processing. The listings will be updated at regular intervals as new sources are tested.


SoftSQX uses the processing power of the CPU to decode IP streams. SoftSQX also includes an IP transport stack within Windows for RTSP delivery. The SQXEasy SDK is transparent to both ActiveSQX and SoftSQX. If no ActiveSQX hardware is available, or ActiveSQX resources are at full capacity, the Wall Control SQX software will ‘roll over’ to SoftSQX for decoding networked video sources when on the same domain.

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Datapath SQX Videowall:

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Datapath SQX Decode Technology: