Aligo RX100 receiver
Aligo RX100
Aligo RX100

Aligo RX100

Single 4K Receiver with Quad HD Outputs.

  1. Receives either a single 4K or four independent HD feeds
  2. Drive a 4K native or four HD displays from each unit
  3. Keyboard and mouse connectivity is supported for KVM control of sources via the onboard USB 2.0 interfaces

Introducing Aligo - Intelligent AVOIP

Aligo, Datapath’s AV over IP solution, provides pristine quality 4K content across a 10G network and compressed streams on 1G infrastructure at the same time, delivering unprecedented quality and flexibility in IP content distribution.

Pristinge Quality with DS10G

Aligo’s primary 10G channel delivers content using Datapath’s proprietary DS10G codec.

  • Engineered for pro-AV applications:Purpose built for use in professional, mission-critical installations.
  • Quality without compromise:DS10G delivers visually lossless content, with zero-latency 4K60 intra-frame encoding, optimised for switched distribution over 10Gb networks.
  • Built by Datapath:Benefitting from decades of video management and processing experience, DS10G has best-in-class signal acquisition, EDID handling, genlocking and mode management.
  • Reliability by design:Designed for critical applications, DS10G has built-in resilience against bit errors, jitter and dropped packets.

Simultaneous Live Streams

Aligo’s secondary 1G channel provides a compressed, secure live stream of every input.

  • Flexible Distribution over 1G
    Every input is provided as an SQX live stream encoded as HEVC (H.265) or AVC (H.264) as well as the primary DS10G stream.
  • Security First
    Encrypted streams are received only by legitimate users and decoded by pre-authenticated Datapath resources.
  • Configurable External Access
    RTSP streams can be configured by admin for remote viewing, archiving, or integration into third-party systems.

No Compromise Stream Management

  • Aligo always transmits sources to endpoints in pristine 4K. Endpoints that do not support 4K resolutions receive content in HD, a unique capability of the DS10G codec.
  • With DS10G, each 4K link can be used as four independent HD streams, which can be sourced from anywhere within an Aetria system.
  • All streams are genlocked to source, maintaining their suitability for IP based video walls.
  • AES bitstream encryption is maintained for all primary DS10G and secondary SQX streams.

Datapath’s DS10G codec allows a number of options for the flexible routing of video streams when handling mixed HD and 4K sources and displays. It allows customers to comfortably future-proof their project designs by catering for 4K sources and displays whilst still handling HD endpoints. This is done by minimizing the number of network switch ports required without ever compromising quality in any scenario.

Rack Mount Kit

A 1U rack mount kit supports Aligo RX100 (8 HD outputs) appliances. The rack mount kit:

  • is made from high quality and robust steel construction.
  • contains dual internal independent power supplies with full redundancy (load sharing).
  • has PSU failure signalling to external environment monitoring equipment.
  • and has cable management provided via rear cable clamps.


Powered By Aetria - Control Rooms Made Simple

Aligo is fully managed and controlled by Aetria, Datapath’s integrated solution for the design, management and operation of control rooms of any size.

Aligo Products
Aligo QTX100
Aligo QTX100

Quad 4K Transmitter with SQX Encoding

Rack Mount Kit
Aligo QTX100

A 1U rack mount kit supports two Aligo RX100 (8 HD outputs)

Aligo RX100 Specifications

Video Input Connections 1 x HDMI 2.0 x HDMI 1.4 full size connectors
HDCP Support HDCP v2.2
HDMI Pixel Clock Maximum 600 MHz
HDMI Pixel Clock Minimum 25 MHz
Streaming Modes Single 10Gb network receiver up to 600MPixels/ sec Receive 4K image and display on HDMI2.0 output 1 or
Up to four HD independent streams received and displayed on four HD outputs.
Scan Type Progressive. Interlaced video not supported.
Video Sampling Formats [1] 10,12-bit modes coming soon RGB 8-bit, RGB 10-bit[1],YCbCr 4:4:4 8-bit, YCbCr 4:4:4 10-bit[1], YCbCr 4:2:2 12-bit[1], YCbCr 4:2:0
Streaming Codecs and Profiles DS10G by Datapath (visually lossless & low latency over 10Gb network)
Additional H.264 SQX streaming at source resolution for each port
Network Connections 1x 10Gb SFP+ Fiber port (Lossless streaming interface), Note: Compatible 850nm multi-mode SFP modules are available as a separate accessory.
1x 1Gb RJ45 (LAN extension port)
Multicast Streaming Support Each source is available at any number of displays in parallel. Requires IGMPv2 enabled at network switch.
Maximum Sources Per System At least 220 (UHD), 650 (HD)
Audio Support Receive embedded HDMI audio and outputs all channel pairs to display via HDMI cable.
One selectable channel pair routable to the analog line level jack output.
KVM Support 2 x Type-A USB client ports for connecting HID device ssupport (keyboard, mouse etc.) independently routable to sink
Power Consumption 15W
Mechanical 205 x 162 x 34 mm, VESA mounting holes for mounting behind a screen.
Feet including for desktop mounting
Weight 1Kg
Relative Humidity 5%-90% non-condensing

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