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Wall Designer

Advanced Display Design Suite
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Wall Designer - Intro

Creativity made simple

Datapath's Wall Designer is the perfect solution to creating and managing an entire display project. Created to work seamlessly with Datapath's Fx4, Fx4-SDI and Hx4 Multi-display Controllers. Wall Designer allows project builders to easily design complex displays of all sizes and configurations.

Datapath's Wall Designer software is available as a FREE download and is compatible with Windows® and Mac OS®.

Wall Designer - Easy Steps

Three easy steps to a video wall

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Select the monitor required

Select the desired monitor from the Wall Designers database, or add your own. Mix and match monitors from different manufacturers to suit any configuration.
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Create your canvas

Align and rotate each monitor to place it perfectly onto the main canvas. Add your own content and adjust the capture regions accordingly.
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Automatic configuration

Connect any number of Multi-Display controllers to your PC or laptop and Wall Designer will automatically programme them. Full monitor EDID management available for timing adjustments.
Wall Designer - Now with downscaling

Now with downscaling

We have added the ability to resize content symmetrically and add a border of any colour to your display, making it easier than ever to create professional displays simply with existing videos and imagery.

What’s more, you can now easily configure and synchronise outputs to drive multiple LED controllers using the new downscaling feature within Wall Designer.
Wall Designer - Build a diagram
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Build a diagram

Wall Designer allows users to print out design schematics which include useful measurements to aid in project build and installation. Figures are available in millimeters or inches and display orientations are provided.
Wall Designer - Compatible

Compatible with Datapath's Display Range