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WallControl 10 for Milestone XProtect®

Integrated video wall management software for security markets
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For the modern security suite

Designed for the security market, the WallControl 10 plug-in for Milestone XProtect® provides users with the ability to seamlessly drive multi-screen video walls directly within the XProtect interface, without the need to switch between different applications.

Operatives can display a variety of sources, including direct camera feeds, television broadcasts and any other localised content onto their video walls.

Utilise Video Wall Zones

Utilise Video Wall Zones

WallControl 10 for XProtect utilises an innovative zonal system. For each video wall, a number of zones can be defined. Each of these zones can be pre-programmed in advance.

Zones are not restricted by physical screen boundaries and therefore, can be configured within single screens, and across multiple screens.

Top Features

Top Features

Share view

Display live and recorded camera feeds from within the operator view and send them to the video wall

track my view

Select the ‘Track My View’ option to send the cameras from an operator’s view automatically to the video wall, without the need for the operator to share each time

Extract cameras

Extract only the camera you want from a carousel loop to display onto the video wall

deploy layout files

Deploy saved layout files or create new layout files at the touch of a button

User rights management

Prioritise video wall zones by assigning different management levels to users

Why Use

Why use WallControl 10 for Milestone XProtect:

  1. You have one or more medium to large scale video walls.
  2. You require full capabilities of video wall control management software in one application.
  3. You would like to manage your video wall effectively without compromising the focus of the operators.
  4. You need an efficient way to share cameras to a video wall.
  5. You would like to create and save layouts, and easily deploy them on screen.