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Datapath Enables Augmented Reality in the Operating Room

In the operating room, milliseconds are the difference between life and death, ultra-low latency is paramount.

A large number of operations, medical procedures and patient monitoring systems utilize real-time image capture, with live video often combined with AR and AI applications, overlays, and annotations of patient data. Datapath’s range of capture cards are engineered specifically for environments where latency is critical and quality can not be compromised.

VisionIO Cards

Flexible Capture Cards

Medical environment video sources

Datapath capture cards are used in environments that involve a variety video sources streamed across multiple outputs.

Outstanding developer experience

Outstanding developer experience

Global Support Team

With dedicated support personnel stationed in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan, Datapath are able to provide world class support when you need it most.

Comprehensive SDK for system builders

Develop your software with confidence. Datapath's SDK is always built on previous versions ensuring backwards compatibility, with existing installations unaffected by updates.

Automatic Signal Detection

Simply connect the input cable to start capturing. Signal detection is provided by internal driver algorithms assisted by physical hardware measurements. This provides high speed and accurate signal detection for all signal sources, including less common non-standard sources.

Flexible EDID Management

Configure the capture card to force a particular input signal on the source. Importing and exporting system EDIDs allows for flexible system integration when moving to 4K UHD. The EDID can be displayed and configured in either 'Video Definition' or 'EDID' format.

Service level agreementService level agreement
Long-term Availability

Vision capture cards are available through Datapath’s OEM program, allowing the product specification to be fixed for the long-term. This guarantees long-term supply, validity of certification and approvals, and compatibility with integrated systems and software.

24/7 Operation

Datapath hardware is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, each board is subjected to an automated solder paste inspection, automated optical inspection, x-ray inspection and an intensive production test. Components are chosen for maximum MTBF for long term reliability.

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