VSN450 Wall Controller
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VSN450 Wall Controller

  1. Core i5 processor
  2. Enhanced speeds allow for great connectivity including optical connections
  3. Gen3 backplane providing four eight lane slots (8GB/s)
  4. Compatible with Datapath WallControl 10 software

Flexible Video Wall Controller

VSN450 Wall Controller

Datapath’s VSN450 is a video wall controller designed for video wall and multi-screen display installations that require a balanced number of HD video captures and HD video outputs.

The VSN450 has been developed and optimised to operate with the latest generation of our world leading Datapath PCI Express graphics and video capture cards providing flexible solutions throughout the professional AV industry.


Outstanding Core i5 Processing

The VSN450 incorporates a high performance ASUS motherboard complete with four, PCI Express slots. Each x16 mechanical slot has been configured for x8 electrical performance giving up to 8GB/s bi-directional bandwidth.

The VSN450 also includes Intel’s Haswell Core i5 (4570s) processor, offering 6MB of cache & up to 3.60GHz clock speed.

Compatible with the entire Datapath portfolio of Vision Capture and Image Graphics cards, the VSN450 can provide up to 16 HD outputs or 16 HD/ 32 SD inputs. Combine two ImageDP4 graphics cards and two VisionSC-HD4+ capture cards to create a video wall with eight monitors and eight capture channels.



The VSN450 has an ASUS motherboard to provide flexibility and suitability for the smaller, more compact, video wall project. The VSN450 is fully compatible with Datapath WallControl 10 software, a Microsoft Windows based application enabling easy configuration and set up of your video wall controller.



The VSN450 wall controller uses a high quality ASUS motherboard providing a high level of reliability. In addition, airflow management is optimised through the fan and chassis build.

Asus motherboards are EU Energy-related Products (ErP) ready, which requires products meet high efficiency standards concerning energy consumption

VSN450 Wall Controller Specifications

ASUS ASUS high performance ATX motherboard
Processor Intel® Core i5 Haswell processor
Clock speed 3.1 GHz
Cache 8MB
Memory 16 GB
Ethernet Intel l210-AT 1 Gigabit LAN
Dual RJ-45 connector with two LED indicators
OnBoard Graphics Choice of DisplayPort or HDMI connection for the control screen
RS232 For control via USB
Disk Storage  
HDD 2 x Western Digital RED 750 GB
Enterprise Grade
RAID 1 configured
Optical Drive DVD/RW combo drive
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Backplane 4x PCle 3.0/2.0 x 16 (dual x16 or x16/x8/x8 or quad x8
Power Supply 600 Watt RPSU or 500 Watt ATX
Noise 48.6dB (A) up to 67.9 dB (A); Dependent on system configuration and ambient temperature
Operating Temperature 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Measurements 500mm (inc handles) x 175mm x 482.1mm
Weight 19 - 25kg
Shipping Weight 30 - 33kg
Compliance CE/ROHS


We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.

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