VSN990/1190 Wall Controller
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VSN990/1190 Wall Controller

  1. Intel Quad Core Xeon processor
  2. Enhanced speeds allow for great connectivity including optical connections
  3. Gen3 backplane providing one eight lane slot (8 GB/s) and eight four lane slots (4 GB/s)
  4. Expand with VSN900X expansion chassis for larger systems
  5. Compatible with Datapath WallControl-red software

High Performance Wall Controller

Datapath's VSN990/1190 is a powerful video wall controller, capable of delivering Ultra High Definition video across large, multi-screen display installations. For use in a host of environments, from CCTV security suites to sports stadia, and from military installations to utility management centres the VSN990/1190 has been tested to ensure the highest levels of performance in almost any location. Fully compatible with Datapath’s world leading portfolio of PCI Express video capture and graphics cards that offer Ultra High Definition video for storage and display, including the ability to capture HDCP sources without any display restrictions.



Intel® Xeon Processing

The VSN990/1190 includes two powerful Intel Quad Core Xeon processors that are combined with Datapath's SBC3 which offers the highest level of computing performance. The VSN990/1190 includes Datapath's PCI Express9-G3 switched fabric backplane, providing nine high bandwidth, PCIe slots for use with any Datapath video capture or graphics card.

The backplane provides a single eight lane slot (8 GB/s) and eight four lane slots (4 GB/s) each providing high speed, bi-directional bandwidth. The use of a PCIe switched fabric enables the VSN990/1190 to be expanded using additional backplanes within VSN900X chassis connected via the optional expansion kit.

Each system contains two server grade 750 GB hard drives preinstalled with Windows® 7 Ultimate edition (64 bit) along with SATA and USB ports. System cooling is achieved via three variable speed fans.


Added Features

Datapath offer a full suite of applications for display control in a wide range of scenarios and environments. Wall Control software offers operators the ability to display real time video data over large scale video walls. Users are able to choose the displayed resolution, scale, displayed frame rate and any required cropping area, and place the video anywhere over the video wall. The Datapath Vision drivers allow OEM suppliers to build efficient display control and content management applications, making full use of the underlying hardware capability.

Datapath’s WallControl-red application offers an effective tool for display controllers in diverse end user markets.Datapath’s WallControl-red video wall software is designed to make full use of Datapath’s graphics and capture hardware technology and maximises the use of available hardware acceleration both on video inputs and outputs. WallControl-red video wall software allows advanced interactive desktop control and configuration, interactively opening, moving, sizing and positioning video overlay, RGB/DVI/SD/HD windows and Microsoft Windows application software. This is a useful application where specific areas of captured input need to be individually display and controlled, such as command and control video walls.

Datapath WallControl-red video wall software is now available in the following languages - English (UK & USA), French, Spanish, German, Polish, Putonghua, Russian, Dutch, Japanese.



The VSN990/1190 is designed for 24/7 use and each component has been selected and tested to ensure very high reliability in the most demanding conditions. Each VSN990/1190 is pre-installed with Wall Monitor software that will oversee temperature sensors placed throughout the system and provide warnings to users should the system exceed guidelines.

VSN990/1190 Wall Controller Specifications

SBC4 Portwell ROBO8120 Q67
Processor Dual Intel® Quad Core processors
Clock speed 2.53 GHz
Cache 8 MB
Memory 32 GB
Ethernet Dual 10 Base-T/ 100 Base-TX/ 1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
OnBoard Graphics VGA connection for the control screen
RS232 For control
Disk Storage  
HDD 2 x Western Digital RED 750 GB
Enterprise Grade
RAID 1 configured
Optical Drive DVD/RW combo drive
USB 8 x 2.0 (2 x Front, 4x Back, 2 x Internal*)
*Internal ports for security dongles
Certification FCC / CE / ROHS / UL (TBC)
Features 3rd generation PCIe switched fabric
1 slot x8 - 8 GB/s uplink and downlink
8 slot x4 - 4 GB/s uplink and downlink
Power Supply 800W RSPU Dual Redundant
Noise 48.6dB (A); Dependent on system configuration and ambient temperature
Operating Temperature 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Operating System  
OS Windows® 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Measurements 500mm (inc handles) x 175mm x 482.1mm
Weight 19 - 25kg
Shipping Weight 30 - 33kg


We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.


Model Options

VSN990/1190 wall controller models

ProductName/Order Code Description
VSN990-RPSU 19" 4U industrial chassis with 800 Watt RSPU


Expansion chassis for the VSN990/1190 wall controller models

ProductName/Order Code Description
VSN900X-ATX Expansion chassis with 500 Watt ATX, SLink-G3, HLink-G3, ExCable-G3
VSN900X-RSPU Expansion chassis with 600 Watt RSPU, SLink-G3, HLink-G3, ExCable-G3


VSN990/1190 wall controller input and output cards, plus other related products

The table below shows all the UL listed accessories for the VSN990/1190 video wall controller expansion chassis.

ProductName/Order Code Description
Image4 Quad-screen graphics card (*EOL)
ImageDP4 Quad output DisplayPort graphics card
VisionAV Single channel HD, plus single channel SD video capture card
VisionAV-HD Four lane PCI Express capture card with 2 x HD DVI-I & 1 x SD channels
VisionAV-SDI Four lane PCI Express capture card with 1 x HD DVI-I, SD, SDI channels
VisionRGB-E1S Single channel HD video capture card
VisionRGB-E2S Dual channel HD video capture card
VisionDVI-DL Single channel dual-link video capture card
VisionSD4+1S Video capture card with 4 channels of SD and 1 of HD
VisionSD8 Eight channel SD video capture card
VisionSDI2 Dual channel HD-SDI video capture card
HLink Host link card for expansion racks (*EOL)
SLink Slave link card for expansion racks (*EOL)
Ex-Cable Cable for wall controller expansion chassis (*EOL)
HLink-G3 Host link card Gen.3 for expansion racks
SLink-G3 Slave link card Gen.3 for expansion racks
ExCable-G3 Copper cable Gen/3 for wall controller chassis

For more information on these products, click on the category: Graphics cards or Capture cards

*End of life: These products are gradually being phased out and replaced by newer models, availability will vary for different products please contact the Sales department for details.

All products are shipped with the latest software available, unless stated otherwise. Special requirements may be organised by contacting our Sales team.

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