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Security and Surveillance

Security operation centers (SOC) typically involve the implementation of various measures to prevent unauthorized access, detect potential threats, and respond to security incidents effectively.

When security incidents are detected, the SOC acts as the first responder and provides a centralized view of all information and communication. To minimize threats and any operational downtime, it is crucial that security analysts have access to the necessary information available, including access control and surveillance systems, so that coordination can be made with enforcement agencies and emergency services where escalation is required.

Aetria Security Operation Centers

Datapath’s integrated control room solution, Aetria helps security analysts monitor the hundreds of data points required to identify anomalies and issues. Centralized connectivity of all analyst workstations and shared video walls makes it easy to collaborate and respond quickly to threats.

Security Suites for Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center

We also provide integrated video wall management software for security suites, providing users with the ability to seamlessly drive multi-screen video walls directly within a security interface. Our Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center integrations allow security personnel to display a variety of camera feeds, television broadcasts and any other localised content onto a video walls, in layout formats that suit them.
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Shimizu Corporation Smart Control Center

Mission Critical Collaboration in Colombia

Istanbul Park Race Control Room

Vietnam Government Video Wall Project


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