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Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.

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Screenberry has been working with Datapath for a long time to create spectacular screen set-ups featuring a large number of displays connected to a single media server. Datapath’s reliable video wall controllers and capture cards provide the ultimate freedom in configuring media systems when combined with the power of Screenberry media servers.

Datapath works with A&B software to test and ensure that Datapath capture cards work flawlessly and to provide high quality-performance with the ImageWarp application.

Dataton and Datapath have a long history of collaboration to ensure Dataton’s WATCHOUT and Datapath’s Vision range of capture cards work flawlessly together, providing ease of use and easy setup for end users.

Green Hippo has long recommended Datapath’s x4 display controllers to extend the output capabilities of its servers on events and projects worldwide. The x4’s scaling engine and flexible positioning software adds a further dimension to multi-screen presentations with the Green Hippo product as the source. The intuitive software interface and reliability are a perfect extension to Hippotizer’s philosophy and reputation.

Mediashout is a leading producer of streaming software. Designed specifically for the House of Worship markets, Mediashout uses the VisionLC range as part of their product line-up.

The FXServer series from MXWENDLER features a special accelerated codepath for direction interoperation of Datapath video capture cards with professional graphics cards, resulting in high performance perfect image quality and lowest possible latency.

The Datapath Vision range of capture cards is supported by StreamPix5 in single or multiple camera mode. StreamPix 5 is used to manage all aspects of the video input and video merge process, including details such as video frame rate and image resolution. Providing full resolution RGB capture without any remapping or image quality loss, maintaining the integrity of the information presented by the video output.

Panopto has identified Datapath’s capture hardware as the most reliable in the market and recommends that any organization who requires consistent results when it comes to capturing video, graphics, or video with embedded audio use a Datapath capture card. Datapath products have been certified by Panopto engineers and are used routinely when demonstrating their solution to prospective clients. In addition to the performance, Datapath has received high marks from Panopto for our customer support vs competitors, which only enhances the experience in dealing with Datapath.

High quality data capture is a critical aspect of Ubicast’s recording systems running on a custom Linux distribution. Technical collaboration between both companies is vital to ensure an industrial level of quality and stability. Obtaining Hardware and Software compatibility has been key to both companies’ partnership to give end users the best possible experience.

Datapath’s capture cards can simultaneously deliver low latency and high performance, whilst allowing users to ingest multiple video feeds simultaneously; it is a perfect complement to TouchDesigner for incorporating outside sources. One of the most important tools we offer is our timestamping feature which allows users to incorporate 2D captures into 3D environments.

Designed for the security market, the WallControl 10 plug-in for Milestone XProtect® provides users with the ability to seamlessly drive multi-screen video walls directly within the XProtect interface, without the need to switch between different applications.

Wavestore delivers a host of powerful video, data and audio management and recording benefits to new or existing security systems. Sitting at the heart of an electronic security solution, Wavestore’s truly independent, open platform Video Management Software (VMS) enables organisations to unlock the full potential of an integrated solution and maximise return on investment.