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Arqa related FAQs

  • Can Arqa be upgraded to handle HDCP (consistent with Aligo) in an Aetria system?


  • Can Aligo and Arqa sit on the same network/subnet happily without conflict?
    Yes. Care is required to balance the topology of the switches ÔÇô typically the 1G Arqa traffic remains on the 1G provisioning within that LAN, with little need for bandwidth on the uplink into the 10G section. But it remains a single VLAN for the purposes of Aetria Network Manager communications.
  • Can the Arqa transmitter units be used as an ÔÇťencoderÔÇŁ?

    An Arqa transmitter is essentially an extender which uses a proprietary protocol optimized for 1Gb networks to be used in conjunction with Arqa receivers. The KVM functionality does not have to be used for video only applications. Arqa transmitted content can only be displayed via an Arqa receiver.

    Arqa transmitters are best not described as encoders, which tend to imply a high compression ratio (for example H264/SQX ÔÇśencodingÔÇÖ).

  • How does an Aligo / Arqa receiver visualize H.264 encoded content?
    H.264 streams are available either on an Aetria Workstation or a VSN wall controller via SQX decoding, but not on Aligo and Arqa directly.