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Reliable Video Wall Controllers for the Most Demanding Security Suites

Datapath VSN wall controllers and WallControl 10 software have been developed for Security Operation Centers of any size, from small-scale CCTV operations to larger security suites running Genetec’s Security Center or Milestone’s XProtect enterprize grade VMS systems.

With our WallControl 10 plug-ins, security control room operators can review and manage vast amounts of information simply, from within one software platform.


Datapath video wall controllers have been used in SOC environments for well over 10 years. With well over 20,000 units sold in over 50 configurations to over 60 countries, Datapath are experienced in meeting requirements of even the most complex video wall projects requiring 24/7 reliability.

Each system can be fully customized with a range of high-performance Intel processors as well as memory and storage options.

Unique Points

Security operators can display a variety of sources, including live or recorded camera feeds, television broadcasts and any other localized content onto single or multi-screen video wall layouts.

Zones can be defined and pre-programmed in advance and are not limited to screen boundaries.


A single camera feed or all cameras in a view can be sent to the video wall at the click of a button.

Case Study 1
Case Studies

IP System:
Kent Hospital

Kristian Sigston is the Equipment Services Co-ordinating Engineer at an NHS Foundation Trust.The first provides the CCTV system and access control for the public-facing premises of a single site hospital in the county of Kent in southeast England.

Case Study 2

Facial Recognition:
Uruguay Football Stadiums

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), supported by the Ministry of the Interior, explored ways to bring facial recognition technology and IP-based surveillance cameras into the city's stadiums to protect fans and prevent crowd disruptions and hooliganism, common problems in large venues.

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