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SoftSQX uses the processing power of the CPU to decode IP streams. SoftSQX also includes an IP transport stack within Windows for RTSP delivery. The SQXEasy SDK is transparent to both ActiveSQX and SoftSQX. If no ActiveSQX hardware is available, or ActiveSQX resources are full to capacity, the Wall Control SQX software will ‘roll over’ to SoftSQX for decoding networked video sources when on the same domain.

SoftSQX is included in as part of Wall Control-SQX. In addition to using the Wall Control-SQX, users are able to take advantage of SQXEasy to create their own applications (in place of Wall Control-SQX) to leverage the CPU decoding, with or without an ActiveSQX. To use SoftSQX you require an ImageDP4 in the system.

SoftSQX provides users a solution when only a handful of IP streams require decoding. The density of SoftSQX utilizing the CPU is dependent on the underlying processor capabilities. Using an Intel Core i7, SoftSQX can decode approximately 8 x 1080p@30 IP streams, the maximum count depends on CPU usage.

Streaming MethodsMulticast & Unicast support
Streaming CodecsH.264 (Mpeg4 Part 10 AVC), VC-1, MPEG2 Part 2
Streaming ContainersMPEG4 part 1, MPEG2-TS, WMV, MOV
Streaming ProtocolsRTSP Only (For additional streaming protocols an ActiveSQX decoding card will be required)
Decode DensityApproximately 8 streams of 1920x1080p 30 frames per second can be decoded depending on Profiles and Levels used.
De-interlacingNot Supported
Stream AuthenticationBasic & Digest Stream Authentication
H.264 ProfilesConstrained Baseline Profile (CBP) / Main Profile (MP) / High Profile (HiP)
Colour FormatNV12 4:2:0
Hardware RequirementsSoftSQX requires a system that includes a Datapath Graphics Card

We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.