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Datapath’s x-Series range of multi-display controllers offer up to HDR 10-bit color clarity, 4K60 resolution and audio support.

Our well established, award-winning Wall Designer software is the perfect solution to create the most creative display projects of any scale. Created to work seamlessly with Datapath's complete range of x-Series multi-display controllers, Wall Designer allows project builders to easily design complex displays of all sizes and configurations.

Datapath's Wall Designer software is available as a FREE download and is compatible with Windows® and Mac OS®.

Unique Points

Wall Designer allows users to add displays from the ever-expanding database of monitors, visualize their content by adding inputs, backgrounds and adjusting capture regions. Instantly configure all Datapath x-Series controllers either via USB or network ports.

Sources can be cropped, scaled, or rotated. Regions can overlap or be replicated to support any creative splice of the source material. The ability to handle non-rectangular screen arrangements and any mix of monitor orientations allows users to create almost unlimited multi-monitor canvases.

Downscaling support allows content regions to be contained within an arbitrary area of a screen, filling the rest of the screen with a flat color of user choice. This can be used to drive multiple LED controllers with exactly the correct pixels for each section of a connected LED fixture.


Shopping centers and retail stores

Theme parks

Music concerts and festivals


Live immersive events

Projection displays



Case Study 1
Case Studies

Projection Mapping:
UK Parliament

As the Covid-19 situation affected all walks of life, leading projection mapping specialists Motion Mapping were commissioned by ESP to bring their creative flair to the UK capital.

Case Study 2

Projection Dome:
The Super Bowl

System design consultant Lumen & Forge was chosen by Broadwell Airdomes USA, on behalf of show organiser AG Entertainment, to help create an unforgettable experience for over 60,000 attendees.

Case Study 3

185 Screen Video Wall:
French Military Museum

The Centre, designed to cater for 110,000 visitors a year, uses stunning immersive visuals to convey Australia's story of their significant role on the Western Front during the 1914-1918 conflict.

Case Study 4

360 Spherical Theatre:
National Science Museum

Using the power and flexibility of Datapath's award-winning Fx4, the Gwangju National Science Museum hosts South Korea's first spherical projection theatre – Space 360. This spherical projection theatre – 12 meters in diameter - can be considered a true VR theatre of the future.

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