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What is a security control room?

Within the center of a security operation sits a control room where all types of audio and visual data are brought together for various needs objectives.

Such control rooms are typically managed 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that there is constant attention and alertness. A control room is the central point that monitors and then deploys resources within the operation, and it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that operations are smooth, efficient and safely managed.

How have these control rooms changed?

Over time, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental role of a control room and its main purpose in ensuring that lots of visual information is brought together and presented to operators in order for collective decisions to be made. Sharing large files and previously unthought of amounts of information instantly is the root of an effective control room operation.

What are the main functions of a security control room?

The security control room is the central point of all communications within an operation. Alongside this there has to be full control and monitoring of security and safety systems, for example, CCTV sources supplied in real-time.

Operators must possess a real-time overview of all data and sources available from all locations within a control room, at any given time.

An effective security control room operation will be able to enhance security through proactively monitoring and reacting to operational developments in an effective manner.

Control Room Operator working in a security control room

What type of control room solution is needed?

The number of sources and feeds coming into a traffic management center are plentiful. With the need to share content to the right people across numerous displays and workstations, the challenges are significant. 

To meet the growing complexities in control room environments, Datapath’s fully integrated control room solution, Aetria, and is able to design, manage and monitor entire systems from one single interface.

Aetria ensures all necessary personnel have access to relevant information with team-wide viewing enabled across video walls and workstations. Operators can send and receive sources to supervisors/managers, allowing for quick escalation.

Due to its flexible nature, complete scalability and intuitive interface, an Aetria control room solution is an ideal fit for a security control room.

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